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Precision Rail Management Group Has Been Acquired by Commtrex

4/11/2022 - We are thrilled to announce that we have been acquired by Commtrex, the largest tech-enabled rail logistics platform empowering shippers to find and connect with transload services, storage locations, lessors, and a wide range of service providers. We believe that our combined capabilities will further enhance our ability to simplify the process of shipping by rail.

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Precision Rail Management Group provides highly tailored rail freight and railcar fleet management services to shippers and receivers who seek to save time, reduce administrative costs, improve velocity, and mitigate risk.

Our combined 20+ years of working for railroads and interfacing with customers has taught us that shipping by rail can be complicated and that effectively managing the lifecycle of a rail shipment takes a considerable amount of time, and requires a high level of rail expertise. Often, shippers and receivers don’t have either. And that’s okay because they have more strategic priorities. This is why PRMG exists. We partner with companies to run their rail logistics programs so they can run their business. 

As a third party rail logistics provider, our goal is to facilitate the safe and fluid movement of railcars across the rail network without incident. We call this Rail Made Right. To do this, we leverage best-in-class technology to drive decisions and our rail acumen to deliver results.



save rail costs


Reduce expenses associated with headcount, overhead, software and avoidable errors

one contact for railroad


Increase visibility into your pipeline and performance metrics across all railroads

flexible rail solutions


Customize a la carte services to fit your evolving transportation needs

save time with rail


Reduce your time spent on manual tasks you can focus on more critical business operations 

rail professionals


Leverage the expertise and know-how of professionals who have worked for railroads 

rail performance


Improve processes and services through ongoing performance reporting and recommendations

Business Conference


Rate and Route Optimization  

PRMG will explore cost saving opportunities by:

Conducting rate analysis for current and future traffic

Optimizing routing options to improve velocity and reduce dwell times

Collaborating on carrier renewal strategies and negotiations

Exploring cost reduction strategies including private rate agreements and Rule 11 pricing

Demurrage Administration

PRMG will work to mitigate your demurrage by:

Managing real-time scheduled demurrage estimates

Optimizing railcar requests and releases

Verifying the accuracy of your railroad's service reporting and invoicing

Performing root cause analysis and providing process and operations recommendations

Pipeline & Performance Reporting 

PRMG will provide visibility into you rail logistics by:


Scheduling distribution of custom dashboards and reports 

Sending daily pipeline reports with ETAs, car locations and status across all railroads

Analyzing key reporting metrics including cycle, turn, and dwell times

Examining outliers and correlation among trends

Yard Management & Bill of Lading Services 

PRMG will leverage our decades of railroad experience to improve process and operating efficiencies by:

Creating waybill patterns

Strategically order incoming cars and release outgoing cars based on receipt, location, and car type 

Creating, submitting and recording outbound BOL transmissions to Class I and Short Line railroads 

Coordinating with local operations and subscribing carriers to facilitate switching requests, empty releases, track optimization and more

In Transit Monitoring & Exception Management

PRMG will leverage RailInc data to reduce blind spots and minimize delays by:

Identify exceptions in real-time and pursuing resolution immediately

Processing and confirming diversion and reconsignment requests

Monitoring for and addressing excessive dwell times

Managing entire problem-resolution process with all railroads

Invoice Auditing & Dispute Management

PRMG will save you time and money with your month end close by:

Verifying freight bill invoices are aligned with month-end accruals

Validating all incurred demurrage and accessorial charges


Submitting disputes timely and with proper documentation

Providing end-of month cost analysis and reports



We learn our customers' business, operations, and culture and integrate ourselves as team members, not just as a third-party service provider

  • Our process is based on a 7-step framework

  • Goals are clearly defined

  • The process is iterative

  • Communication is constant

  • We strive for continuous improvement

Interested in discussing how we can save you time and money and make rail right for you?   

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