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We Leverage Technology to Drive Decisions and

Rail Acumen to Deliver Results

Our Story

 Shipping by rail is one of the most cost effective, reliable and environmentally friendly modes for transporting raw materials and finished products. But managing the full life cycle of a rail shipment to achieve these benefits can be hard and extremely time consuming. The industry is laden with railroad specific standards and policies combined with individual tariffs, authorities and circulars for each of the seven Class I and 500+ Short Line railroads. It takes a considerable amount of time and rail expertise to make shipping right. Often, shippers and/or receivers don’t have either. And that’s ok because they are trying to manage their business. That’s why we created Precision Rail Management Group (PRMG). We want companies to capitalize on the benefits of rail but not to be distracted by it. We partner with companies to run their rail programs so they can run their business.  

Our Team

 Collectively, we have over 20 years of experience working for railroads. Our vast knowledge of rail and how railroads run is derived from previous roles within customer service, pricing, network operations, revenue management, sales and marketing. We have provided support and service to companies in the lumber, petrochemical, aggregates, food products, metals, plastics and agriculture industries and understand which levers need to be pulled to facilitate the fluid movement of their cars across the rail network without incident. We strive to make rail right for customers, one shipment at a time.

We would enjoy talking to you about your current operations and the potential opportunities to save you time and costs. No commitment required.