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On-Site Collaboration and Bill of Lading Services

Submitting accurate documentation and managing the movement of railcars to/from the serving yard often detracts shippers from being able to focus their attention on more strategic business needs. PRMG will collaborate with your on-site team to transmit BOL instructions, submit facility switching requests, and strategically order and release cars.

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Billing Made Right

Seamless movement of cars starts with accurate billing information. PRMG is a one stop shop for you! We take the time to ensure the right cars with the correct information is billed and successfully transmitted to the railroad and with a receipt to prove so. 

Streamline Your Operations

Managing car orders, monitoring when they are filled and holding the railroad accountable for consistent service is time consuming. PRMG handles this for customers so they can dedicate their time to more value-added business initiatives.

What Does it Take to Move Around Here?

Optimizing schedules and resources is crucial to the bottom line. Not sure of your service window? Does the railroad's schedule compliment your operations? Is the railroad service inconsistent? PRMG works with customers and serving rail carriers to develop mutually beneficial operating plans with defined switching schedules that streamline operations and reduces variability.

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Precision Counts


Who you know is just important as what you know....

How well does your team know their railroad contacts and counterparts when problems need to be addressed? 

BOL's made right. Call or click to get started today!