Demurrage Administration and Mitigation

Rail Made Right means mitigating demurrage. Understanding Class I and Short Line railroad demurrage rules can be challenging. Auditing demurrage invoices and streamlining operations to avoid it entirely often seems insurmountable.  And, unfortunately, with the advent of precision scheduled railroading (PSR), demurrage terms and pricing have become as stringent as ever. We help customers by managing their rail cars and shipments daily and by developing strategic process improvements to reduce exposure to demurrage across their operations.  

Avoid Demurrage Surprises

The clock is ticking.  Monitoring and managing online cars through car aging reports and real-time demurrage estimates is vital to combatting costly surprises.  PRMG leverages technology for alerts to drive decisions that affect the bottom line.      

Streamline Railcar Requests and Releases

Timing is everything. Managing railcar requests from constructive placement and releasing railcars in a timely manner is a sure-fire way to reduce exposure to demurrage. That takes time and coordination. PRMG's dedicated team of rail experts will be in lock-step with your operations to ensure that these critical activities are executed promptly and accurately. 

Beware of the Anomalies

Railroads deviations from normal operations can adversely impact your demurrage liability. These include but are not limited to service failures, inaccurate crew reporting and railroads misconstruing service metrics. PRMG mines through data to identify the deviations and works closely with the carriers to ensure that the customer isn't exposed to both poor service and a demurrage invoice.   

Fix the Errors

Railroad reporting errors, missed switches, miscalculations and incorrect debit/credit offsets can lead to inflated demurrage charges.  PRMG audits railroad reporting records, reconciles invoices and manages the arduous task of disputing inaccuracies with the railroads.

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Rail Switching

Precision Counts


You can't fix what you don't measure...

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