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End of Month Invoice Auditing and Assurance

Rail freight bill auditing requires vigilance but can expose one-time or recurring billing errors that impact the bottom line. It's money lost if someone isn't diligently identifying the errors and contesting them. PRMG takes the time-consuming  process of validating invoices off of the customer's plate. We ensure that the correct rates and calculations are applied and administer the dispute and exception management process with carriers so overpayments and duplicate payments are corrected.    

Nickled and Dimed

Although incidentals are defined as minor fees incurred in addition to a main service, railroad incidentals can quickly add up. PRMG diligently scrutinizes all demurrage and incidental invoices to ensure validity and accuracy while also looking for root cause and developing solutions to reduce future charges.

Railroad Invoices Aren't Always Right

Tackling the issue of disputed invoices is one of the biggest challenges faced within the industry. Simple discrepancies in price, dates or calculations can quickly lead to unexpected costs. PRMG researches data, submits the claims and follows up with billing carriers until the dispute has been amicably resolved.

Measure and Improve

The ability to perform sophisticated and innovative reporting has become a critical aspect to supply chains. Processing timely data enhances the ability to make more informed, evidence-based decisions. PRMG will utilize RailInc industry standard data to provide an easy to read reporting package for turn-times, dwell times, railroad performance and any other key performance indicators that are important to customers.   


Precision Counts


The little things matter...

How often have you had cars go into demurrage because of a billing issue that wasn't resolved promptly?

Focus on your business, not the railroad.