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Rail Shipment and Fleet Management Services Brochure

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Supply chains are being tested more than ever as companies face rising costs, heightened customer demands, and shorter cycle times. For companies focused on driving the performance and economic value of their supply chain, utilizing rail as alternative to truck as a mode of transportation is a viable solution. Whether customers have direct access or through a transload, shipping by rail is typically 4x more economical than shipping by truck and, considering driver shortages within the truck industry, rail can be more reliable.

As a small and highly customer centric logistics firm, we make shipping by rail a competitive advantage for customers through our customized rail management services and reporting solutions. We leverage best-in-class technology to drive decisions and over twenty years of rail experience to deliver results.

When you partner with us for your managed rail transportation services, you gain access to a seasoned team of rail logistics professionals and advanced technology and analytics.

Our suite of managed rail logistics services

Rail Logistics Rate Negotiations

Rail rate, car storage and rail fleet procurement, negotiations and management

Yard Management and Bill of Lading Services

Streamlined fulfillment of BOLs, car ordering/releasing process, and carrier coordination

In Transit Railcar and Rail Shipment Monitoring and Exception Management

Proactive tracking and tracing with expedited resolution of at-risk shipments and diversion requests

Pipeline Reporting

Actionable dashboards and reports sent daily with dynamic ETAs, car locations, car statuses, and dwell times across all railroads

Rail Logistics Performance Reporting and Recommendations

Strategic KPIs, cycle time analysis, carrier metrics, and on-time delivery reports

Demurrage Mitigation

Daily monitoring of dwell times and implementation of demurrage mitigation strategies

Railroad Invoice Auditing and Dispute Management

Monthly audits of freight invoices and accessorial charges and dispute resolution

Rail Fleet Management

Lease negotiations, manage lease agreements, riders, cost allocation, and fleet utilization

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