Railway Tracks

Freight Rate and Route Optimization

Understanding the multitude of rate documents across multiple Class I railroads and Short Line railroads can be a daunting task alone. Negotiating rates and terms that are most favorable to you adds another layer of complexity. It takes time and a high level of expertise to understand what options are available. Public vs private? Through rate vs rule 11? Benefits of routing over one Class I vs the other? PRMG offers extensive "on the other side of the table" pricing experience including managing tariffs, building through rates with other carriers and developing private rate agreements.

You Can't Negotiate What You Don't Know

Transparency is key. Although negotiating and administering through rates take less time, Rule 11 pricing provides visibility into each carrier's individual rates and opens the window to more rate negotiations. PRMG will analyze and evaluate this data and determine if lower rates are achievable through direct negotiations with each carrier within the route. 

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Routes That Match Your Supply Chain

A rolling stone gathers no moss. Understanding your supply chain is the first step towards mitigating risk associated with shipment delays, product shortages and/or unexpected penalties and charges. PRMG will work with all of your partners to coordinate the best routing options that take into account fleet size, estimated transit times and operating schedules.   

You May Have Leverage 

Understand what's important to the railroad and use it to your advantage.  Railroads may offer more favorable rates and/or contract terms to shippers who run efficient operations, understand railroad rate setting strategies, and present business cases that reflect potential carload growth opportunities or a threat of losing the business. PRMG will formulate a rate negotiation strategy and present it to the railroads on your behalf.  

Right Size to Maximize

An oversized fleet of private cars likely translates into demurrage. An undersized fleet presents missed opportunities as cars can't cycle frequently enough to keep up with customer demands. PRMG can help analyze historical data and metrics to determine if you have the right amount of railcars on your books. 

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Precision Counts


It just adds up....

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