Proactive Shipment Monitoring and Exception Management

Get back to focusing on your operations and rest assured that your rail shipments are being judiciously monitored and managed by dedicated experts. PRMG leverages validated industry data and technology for shipment monitoring and exception reporting. When problems occur, PRMG is quick to leverage its unmatched rail expertise to resolve them and avoid potential delays and penalties.    

Avoid the Delays

Do you have someone watching your railcars and addressing those that are at-risk? Often something as simple as an incorrect party on a waybill will prevent a car from moving. PRMG has the full picture. We monitor billing and track and trace customer rail shipments and proactively intervene with rail carriers to address issues before they become problems. 

Important Car Events

Are there certain events in a railcar life cycle that are important to you or your customers? Utilizing PRMG's reporting, we can schedule notices to any key stakeholders who need the data such as releases, car location information, car delays and ETAs just to name a few. If it is important to you, we can provide it.

Change of Plans?

Diversion requests with the railroads can be a very complicated process. Let PRMG work with the railroad's diversion teams to determine eligibility and correctly submit instructions. We will confirm the diversion transmission and that the car records are updated to reflect the new destination.

Precision Counts


Find and fix it fast....

How often do you experience costly delays or penalties due to slow and ineffective problem intervention  

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